10 Dec 2019

SPTW: Dec 10, 2019

St. Paul’s This Week




St. Paul’s Outside the Walls – We will be filling Christmas stockings for the children in the Clark County Youth Shelter on Dec 22. See Debbie for more information.


Dec 10 and Dec 18 – Christmas caroling. See Robyn


Dec 15 @ 10:15 – Advent 3, Holy Eucharist and Homily.


Dec 15 – Decorating the church for Christmas! Please dress comfortably and join us after the service.


Dec 17 – Vestry Meeting


Dec 24 @ 8 pm – Christmas Eve Service

In case you missed it:

For next week:

  • Ushers: Steve and Pam

  • Lectors: Robyn and Monty

  • Chalicist: Jackie

  • Counters: Robyn and Debbie


The Kinship Project continues on Sunday at 9:25 with Kevin leading us.

Inner work, outer manifestation

Asking the question “How am I called to participate in the unfolding of God’s creation” presumes that we each have a role to play. Lest one look back with regret, it is prudent to consider what can be done, to find our individual calls, and to be skillful in following them.

Big feelings may well arise when we reflect on the changes we see in the world. The earth changes have been correctly characterized as a “climate crisis.” As much as we might seek to find a place of safety, to make do for ourselves and our family, our lives are affected by the actions of others on the planet.

This forum, in seven sessions, will take stock of where we find ourselves now, explore ways to foster hope, connect us with our bigger purposes, and support acting in response to crisis with heart and integrity. Some will be moved to participate in community activities, to change personal habits. All can learn to be “subtle activists,” using prayer and connecting with nature to foster the changes for which our hearts hope.

We will meet once a month. I look forward to seeing you.



Words from Deacon Jim

Lessons Left Us By Don and Nancy 4 Have I Got a Story for You!

Never underestimate the power of a well-told story! We learned life lessons and core values from Grimm's Fairy Tales and Aesop's Fables ('and the moral of the story is...') The same goes with our faith. No one can really describe God but we believe that God reveals himself in stories. Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, the Parting of the Red Sea, the Parables of Jesus, all these describe a God that is loving and responsive to human need.

  1. lives are stories, aren't they! Think of a typical conversation between you and a friend. It's usually not too far into the conversation when one of you says something like 'My mom always told me...' or 'When I was sixteen I remember...' or 'the same thing happened to me...' How easy and natural it is to draw from our own personal bodies of stories and use them to help make sense of the world -- to tell the truth as we see it through our own eyes. We've heard Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet fame (I'm dating myself!) say 'Just the facts, ma'am' but facts are just a small part of the 'truth.' To get to 'our own truth' we must call forth our own experience, how we were raised, what we were taught, where we lived, how our relationships have affected us, how Lady Luck has shown her hand and how our faith has sustained us (or sadly, how our faith has let us down). In short, our life story.

I remember an occasion several years back (see, I'm bringing my own story into this!) when the girls from Bliss House (a halfway house for girls in recovery) came to St. Paul's as part of a drug awareness program. Everybody there, audience and girls, knew going in that drugs were harmful, but the full meaning of that simplistic statement was revealed as each girl told 'her truth,' stories of pain and brokenness, stories by which we could feel their regret and vulnerability, stories that penetrated their hard surfaces and our hard hearts, stories that invited us to love them. We might disagree with a person's life choices or argue over their politics but we must never deny a person 'his or her own truth;' that would be like saying 'you don't matter.' It's our own stories, the highs and the lows, the mistakes and the lessons learned, the regrets and the triumphs, the loves and the losses, by which we claim our humanity and receive the grace of God.

Our church has its own story and every time we gather together we add to it! Every Sunday morning (and Second Sunday Evening of the Month Celtic Service) our sanctuary overflows with God's presence as revealed by our shared life experience. We're rich! We share stories of how Jesus continues to bless our lives and how fulfilling it is to be a part of a faith community, and we praise Jesus that he seeks not to erase our stories but to transform them!

By God's grace, may we acknowledge and respect the stories of those we meet, even as we meld them together with our own into the sacred story of God's work in the world and our own little corner of Walnut and Market.





Words from Sonny.


I was asked to write a tribute to Nancy and Don’s tenure at St. Paul’s. I can think of no better tribute than to keep up the spirit of ministry instilled in us, and to successfully move on to the next period in the life of St. Paul’s using the knowledge they imparted on us.

At the most recent meeting of the vestry it was determined, based on the past few years attendance, that there will be one Christmas Eve service at 8 PM. There will be no Christmas Day service (as has been true for many years past). Fr. Allen will be the celebrant. The vestry felt that in this transition period that it would be better for the congregation celebrate as one together rather than be divided over two services.

I wrote last week about the upcoming budget. The Budget Committee needs an estimate of giving to get a real handle on what the budget is going to look like. To date I have received two. Please write on a slip of paper an estimate you might give in 2020. You don’t have to sign it but please be realistic and submit it ASAP.




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