14 Jan 2020

SPTW: Jan 14, 2020

St. Paul’s This Week



Jan 19 at 10:15—Holy Eucharist and Homily, 

• Ushers:  Steve and Pam

• Lectors:  Robyn and volunteer

• Chalicist: Jackie​

• Counters:  Debbie and Robyn


St Paul’s Outside the Walls -- packaged children’s underwear for Communities in Schools


Jan 22 at 6 pm – Bible Study and Pitch-in dinner


Jan 23 at 6:30pm--Vestry Meeting


Jan 26 -- Annual Parish Meeting & lunch





Around Town  . . .

We are invited to attend the Louisville Four Choirs Festival, Friday 24 January, 7:30 p.m., at the Cathedral of the Assumption (433 South 5th St.). The choirs of Calvary Episcopal Church, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, and the Cathedral of the Assumption will join together in shared musical tradition to present a concert of sacred music.

A Spotlight on The Contemplative Service

St. Paul’s has developed and begun to offer a Celtic Service to the community on a monthly basis.  This service was developed as a part of a grant for liturgy development from the Eli Lily foundation.   A number of church members helped develop this service under the Rt. Rev. Nancy Woodworth-Hill’s guidance, and it blends the Celtic themes of the trinity, nature, and prayer, with music set to some of the Celtic poetry from the Carmina Gadelica.  The service offers a contemplative time of candlelight, scripture, prayer, poetry, music, and short periods of silence.  It is currently lay led.  When clergy is available, eucharist will be offered.  All are welcome.  We have also begun to offer a short time of guided contemplative practice prior to the service at 6:30, and this is also open to all. – Pamela Cotton

This service is the second Sunday of each month at 7 pm.

A Spotlight on TKP (The Kinship Project):

"The second in our series "Inner Work, Outer Manifestation" will be presented this Sunday, January 19th, at 9:25 in the parish hall.  The topic will be Gratitude."


Words from Deacon Jim

What Binds Us Together 2 The Book of Common Prayer


Last week we looked at what binds us together as a Church and a parish by considering the Episcopalian 3-Legged Stool: Scripture, Tradition, and Reason. 

This week let’s consider the embodiment of these three pillars of our faith in a marvelous document

called the Book of Common Prayer. It is the red book in the pews that doesn’t seem to get used much. In fact, we use it all the time!


Here are a couple of bits of info about our BCP:

1. The first BCP was put together by the first Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer in 1549. History buffs will recognize this time as one of bloody conflict (remember Bloody Mary?) between protestants and catholics in England. Cranmer’s BCP was an elegant solution to religious violence in England that saved many, many lives and paved the way forward for religious toleration in Britain.

2. The latest version of the BCP was in 1979 and that is the version we use today!

3. The BCP contains everything that Episcopalians use for individual and corporate worship! The collects we pray together at the beginning of the service? They are there! The Eucharist? Yep! (You can immediately go to the Eucharistic text because they are the frayed pages!). Baptisms? Weddings? Funerals? Ordinations? All present and accounted for! Prayers and thanksgivings for all occasions? Yes! Looking for a gorgeous framework for daily worship? Right in the the beginning! (We are adapting Morning Prayer II for use when a priest is not available). How about a short primer on how Episcopalians approach theological questions? Check out the Catechism p. 845!


As you might guess, most of what you encounter when you open the BCP are prayers and that is the whole point! As we saw last week, we value our capacity to reason and the opportunity to add our life experience to our faith. That naturally means that we won’t agree on everything (Ask four Episcopalians if Jesus was born of a virgin: one will say yes, one will say no, one will say I don’t know and the 4th will say I don’t care!). That’s all right because we are not bound together by our beliefs, WE ARE BOUND



Let’s give thanks for this amazing book, still going strong after 500 years. May we be blessed and bound together by the prayers it contains!




Words from Sonny

Last chance.  Anyone interested in serving on the search committee? Contact me before Thursday. The vestry will be forming the committee soon.



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