17 Dec 2019

SPTW: Dec 17, 2019

St. Paul’s This Week




Dec 17 – Vestry Meeting, Canon White visiting


*Please note, there will be no Christmas caroling on Dec 18.*


Dec 22 @10:15 – Holy Eucharist and Homily

St. Paul’s Outside the Walls – We will be filling Christmas stockings for the children in the Clark County Youth Shelter on Dec 22. See Debbie for more information.


Dec 24 @ 8 pm – Christmas Eve Service


 In case you missed it:

For next week/Dec 22:

  • Ushers: Mike and Jackie

  • Lectors: Marylee and JuliaAbby

  • Chalicist: Ben

  • Counters: Mike N and Sonny


    TKP: The Kinship Project

  • On December 8, 2019, Fr. John Allen gave a presentation on science and faith.

  • On December 15, 2019, Kevin began his series focused on inner work.

  • We have a Resource Station in the Parish Hall where you can find handouts from different forums.

  • January 5 is our next forum with Marylee presenting “All the Same Family.” We hope you’ll join us.


    On December 10th, a group went to visit our home-bound and sang Christmas carols.



A Spotlight on the SCG (Spiritual Companion Group)

The St. Paul's Spiritual Companion Group (SCG) will begin meeting again on Jan 8, 2020. We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 10:30 to 12:30. We have chosen the book Inhabiting Eden by Patricia K Tull. There is a writing journal that accompanies the book, but it is not required for the group. Please let Kevin or Kim know if you are interested, and if you'd like them to order the book for you. The cost for the book and workbook is $26, the book alone is $15 (plus tax). We do have a small scholarship fund available if you want to join, but the book cost would be a hardship.


The SCG meets downstairs and begins with a moment of quiet, a laying aside of the hustle and bustle of the day. Our moment of quiet is followed by a quick check-in to see how everyone is doing, what challenges or joys we have faced since our last meeting (this is completely optional and this time is confidential, there is no sharing with others what has been discussed during this time). We then dive into a discussion of the book we are reading. It is usually lively and many points of view are discussed. We end our time together by doing a mid-day prayer that includes the prayer list from our weekly bulletin.


Words from Deacon Jim

Lessons Left Us by Don and Nancy 5 That's Mine!

Consider the difference between saying to a friend ‘That’s where I go to church’ and ‘That’s MY church!’ The latter, of course, suggests ownership and as we enter a time of transition it’s worth pondering ‘just what is it I own?’

As we reflect on this question we can’t help but see faces, voices, hands, hearts and heads all contributing to the health and prosperity of our congregation. Church is a place where NEEDS meet GIFTS, where our individual interests and talents find expression in the work the Body of Christ is called to do. It’s a place where we can seek out how God has blessed us, and, just as important, it’s a place where we can recognize and celebrate the gifts we see in others.

In his letters to the various churches he started, our namesake Paul lists several different gifts necessary to build and sustain a community of faith. Here are a few: preaching, service through ministry, teaching, encouragement, giving (you knew that one would be in there!), leadership, mercy, wisdom, faith, helps (the gift to pitch in where needed), hospitality and administration. There are others but you get the idea! Some of these gifts result in things we can see like the new (gorgeous!) paraments, the bits of wisdom and humor that grace the parish hall walls, the celtic altar and candle box and the Penny Sisto hanging. (There are so many others! – forgive me!) Some result in the skills necessary to keep the church on a steady footing and its resources wisely used. Some result in delicious meals and warm hospitality. Some result in a vision for what this church can become. Some gifts result in the leadership we need to lead us into the next phase of our parish life. Some result in inspiring faith to keep us all together as a Body. Some result in things we can feel like the welcoming smile of the person sitting next to you on Sunday morning. Some result simply in being present not only when we get together on a Sunday morning but also when we respond to someone who is hurting. No one person has all of these gifts, but we ALL have something we can look to that represents the best of who we are. Our faith says that when the ‘best of who we are’ is offered in the name of Jesus it becomes a SPIRITUAL GIFT and when used to better the lives of those we meet it becomes a MINISTRY. When by the grace of God we own that which God has given us and faithfully add to fabric of our congregation then we can truly say ‘That’s MY church.’

May St. Paul's continue to be a place where we can gratefully acknowledge the God in us and recognize the God in those we meet.





Words from Sonny.


Thanks to Susan, Bob, Charlene, Dennis, Debbie, Pamela, Kathy, Phyllis, Mike and Mike L. for hauling out and sorting the Christmas decorations and then decorating for the Christmas season. And thanks to anyone else whose names I can't remember (Old age is a curse, but better than the alternative).



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