SPTW: Jan 21, 2020

St. Paul’s This Week



Jan 26 at 10:15—Liturgy of Morning Prayer

• Ushers:  Ben and Debbie

• Lectors:  Kevin and Robyn

• Chalicist: Phyllis​

• Counters:  Sonny and Mike N


St Paul’s Outside the Walls – Jan 26 is the last day to bring packaged children’s underwear for Communities in Schools


Jan 22 at 10:30 – Spiritual Companion Group


Jan 23 at 6:30pm--Vestry Meeting


Jan 26 -- Annual Parish Meeting & lunch





Around Town  . . .


Words from Deacon Jim

What Binds Us Together:  Two Grand Traditions

Two weeks ago we looked at what binds us together as a Church and a parish by considering the Episcopalian 3-Legged Stool:  Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.  Last week we took a look at how these three pillars of our faith are embodied in our Book of Common Prayer.  This week let’s look at two long-standing traditions that bind us together in different ways:

Morning Prayer     All of us are working hard to find a reliable list of guest clergy to celebrate our Sunday morning Eucharist, but when none are available our tradition calls for worship using Morning Prayer.  Morning Prayer is in our Book of Common Prayer and is the first of a wonderful set of liturgies called the Daily Office.  It can be done individually, at home or in a group.  It includes uplifting songs, hymns, scripture readings, a sermon and, of course, prayers; all the things we’re used to except communion.  Our worship committee is committed to making our Morning Prayer friendly, warm and spiritually nourishing.  Please join us this Sunday the 26th at 10:15!

Annual Meeting     One thing that Episcopalians all across the United States do in January is to hold a meeting.  It is the one time during the year when the church takes care of business:  vestry elections, budget presentations, committee reports and other business for the good of the parish.  In this period of transition it is important for all members to be present and let their voices be heard.  Our Annual Meeting is this Sunday the 26th after our Morning Prayer worship.  There will be a pitch-in dinner, too!!

Episcopalians rely on a rich body of scripture-based traditions to give us a framework for Christian living in all sorts of life situations.  Praise God that these same traditions also serve to bind us together as an enduring Body of Christ!



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