31 Dec 2019

SPTW: Dec 31, 2019

St. Paul’s This Week



Jan 5 at 9:25 –TKP forum “All the Same Family” with Marylee.


Jan 5 at 10:15—Holy Eucharist and Homily, 


St Paul’s Outside the Walls -- packaged children’s underwear for Communities in Schools


Jan 8 at 10:30am -- Spiritual Companion Group, Inhabiting Eden


Jan 8 at 6 pm – Bible Study, The Gospel of John


Jan 16 at 6:30pm--Vestry Meeting


Jan 26 -- Annual Parish Meeting & lunch





In case you missed it:

For next week/ Jan 5

• Ushers: Mike L and Jackie

• Lectors: Hannah and Michael H

• Chalicist: Kim 

• Counters: Debbie and Mike N


A Spotlight on the The Bible Study

By Phyllis

This the basic rundown of what we’ve done...

We’ve been meeting on 1st and 3rd Thursday’s at 6 pm, enjoying a pitch in supper...starting study between 6:45-7pm...

We have been studying the book of John, reading together 10-25 verses, then discussing

    “What is happening...

    “What symbolism is there...

    “How can you relate to this...

     “How would this apply to the present day...      etc.

Some nights we don’t get very far, but the discussions can be very enlightening as well as lively.



Words from Deacon Jim

As we reach another milestone in our transition and bid a fond farewell to Father John and Cindy Allen (God be with you, John and Cindy, and accept our heartfelt thanks for your gentle grace and guidance! We will continue to rely on your wisdom!) it’sworth it to reflect on our parish life since Don and Nancy accepted their calling to West Virginia.

• Charlene and Susan represented St. Paul’s at November’s Diocesan Convention in Bloomington.

• We have 6 people signed up to attend the Center for Congregational Development retreat at Waycross in July.

• We welcomed Bishop Jennifer to our Advent I service and later that afternoon hosted harpist Erin Hill in a delightful concert in our sanctuary.

• Ten hearty singers caroled to several of our homebound.

• We stuffed and delivered 10 Christmas packages to the residents of Clark County Youth Shelter.

• We celebrated the birth of the Messiah in a wonderful Christmas Eve Service.

Many thanks to all who continue to combine their time and talents and energies to keep

our parish pointed forward in the coming months! And with that in mind…


LESSONS LEFT US BY DON AND NANCY 7 Faithful Steps Forward!

• Let’s take a trip! Of course, the wise traveler prepares for the excursion: 

• Suitcase packed? (Check!) 

• Oven off? (Check!) 

• Tickets and Boarding Passes? (Check and Double Check!)

• Sit back and relax? (Well, maybe, there’ll be lots to experience and we don’t want to miss a thing!)

• Destination? Now, that’s a mystery, isn’t it! Even the mostprepared traveler can’t see into the future. Does that mean we should contact our travel agent and demand our money back? How does the notion of faith fit into our travel plans?


Many of us remember as children going out to play in the neighborhood. We’d get scrapes and bruises and amid the play there were arguments over who was ‘it’ and ‘you can’t get me, I’m on base.’ Often things got heated but then there came the call ‘supper!’ and soon we were at the dinner table where we were safe and loved. I suggest it’s the same with faith in uncertain times. Walking in faith does not mean

throwing away our reason and casting care to the wind; if we’re rational beings we understand there will be times of doubt and disagreement over where we’re going and how we’ll get there. But walking in faith does mean that even in times of uncertainty we take comfort in the promise that in God’s sheltering arms we’re safe and loved and God has a plan (and a future) for us. WOW!

So, let’s take a trip! 

Of course, the faithful traveler prepares for the excursion:

• Faith that we’re a Body of Christ, called to do God’s work in the world. CHECK!

• Faith that God has not abandoned us. CHECK!

• Faith that we are gifted for Christian service. CHECK!

• Faith that there is a plan for each of us and for this parish. CHECK!

• Faith that in the end and above all else we are beloved of God. CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK!

Seatbelts fastened? Trays in an upright position? Let’s go!




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