SPTW: Dec 4, 2019



Dec 8 at 9:25 The Kinship Project, Energy, Stardust, and the Spirit of God, Fr John

Dec 8 at 10:15 Advent 2, Holy Eucharist & Homily, Fr John presiding.

Dec 8 @6:30 – Contemplative Prayer practice

Dec 8 at 7:00 – Contemplative/Celtic Service

Dec 10 at 10:30 Spiritual Companion Group

St. Paul’s Outside the Walls – We will be filling Christmas stockings for the children in the Clark County Youth Shelter. See Debbie for more information.


Dec 10 and Dec 18 – Christmas caroling. See Robyn


Dec 24 @ 8 pm – Christmas Eve Service


In case you missed it:

For next week:

  • Ushers: Ben S and Debbie T

  • Lectors: Luke S and Sam S

  • Chalicist: Phyllis N

  • Counters: Debbie T and Mike N


    Bishop Jennifer, Brenda (her mother) and Timothy (her son) visited us on Dec 1. She spoke to us about being willing to dream big for St. Paul’s and going into the future with hope, the contemplative altar was blessed, and we shared a wonderful pitch in lunch.

Words from Deacon Jim

A most sincere 'Thank You!' to all those who worked to make this past Sunday a success; those who cleaned, baked, served, supported and made welcome our many visitors! I believe that those attending the Erin Hill concert received an early Christmas present, and just as we were heartened by Bishop Jennifer's visit to us I believe the Bishop was likewise heartened to find a parish ready to take the next steps in its long and storied history. Thank you again!


Lessons Left Us by Don and Nancy 3 Our Friends the Windows!

How many of us, upon visiting a new church, ever pay more than a glancing notice at the windows? Not so here! We've gone 'round and 'round and 'round the sanctuary, window by window, learning with a child's eyes the stories of faith and the lives of the saints captured in stained glass. Many of us remember the sunny Sunday morning when our Sam and Louie exclaimed 'Saints are people who let the light shine through!' Do you remember the collective gasp form the congregation, like a giant piece of the puzzle falling neatly into place? I believe one could read a hundred books on theology and not come up with a better definition.

Saints are ordinary folks touched in extraordinary ways by the hand of God who thereafter touch us by example and presence. Who are the people in our lives that we immediately think of when we hear the words 'loving kindness,' 'faith,' 'calming presence,' 'hospitality,' 'gentle mercy,' 'nurture?' These are our saints, and on a sunny Sunday morning if you look at our windows with the eyes and faith of a child you will see them alongside Jesus and the apostles, part of our faith stories, shining their light on us and encouraging us even on days when the sun isn't shining.

God bless all the saints in our lives, past and present, and may we by God's grace become saints to those who will see this parish through the coming years!


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