18 September 2023

St. Paul’s This Week

September 18, 2023




Sept. 18​ 6:00 pm NA meeting

Sept. 23    10:00 am AA meeting

Sept. 24   10:15 am Morning Prayer: Marylee James will lead the service

Sept. 24    11:30 am Work Day after service until about 2:00

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Ushers:  Rob Dziatkowski

Lectors:  Arlene Basham and Larry Basham

Intercessor:  Ben Sapp

Counters:  Mike Nelson and Ben Sapp





St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Jeffersonville, IN 47130 


September 17, 2023  

The meeting of the Vestry was called to order at 11:30 AM by Ben Sapp, Senior Warden. Other members of the Vestry present were Charlene McAndrews, Dennis McAndrews , Luke Stifler and Sam Stifler.  Larry Basham joined us by telephone. 

Luke led the Vestry in prayer to start the meeting. 

The minutes from 8/27/23 were reviewed and approved. 



Sunday September 24th will be a maintenance work day at the church. Mike Lankert was present to share plans to repair the wall and ceiling in the basement.  Dennis and Mike will purchase materials needed before the work day. Other work day plans: 

• Clean up of garden space around the church, weed removal 

• Painting and repairing back windows 

• Repair of outdoor lights 

• Repair of Baptismal candle 

Ben shared the financial reports. A copy of the reports will be provided to the congregation.  Debt is continuing to hover around $19,000. Ben shared that if we bring in an estimated $2000 per month, we could break even by the end of the year.   There was discussion regarding how to generate income with focus on renting the basement as well as renting out the parish hall.  Current active plans: 

• Charlene met with Lorraine Duball (congregation member) to review current contracts for using church space (sanctuary and parish hall).  

• Lorraine will be the contact person when there is a request to use the church space. We have two requests currently: Port Fulton Neighborhood Association on December 12thfrom 4 PM to 8 PM and a request from Mike Ellis, congregation member, for an event in the spring. 

• The Vestry noted concerns regarding serving alcohol at events. There was discussion about general liability.  Charlene will reach out to Jen Phelps at the Indianapolis diocese to ask how this could be handled. 

• The basement space is currently filled with leftover items from the yard sale.  Susan Martin, congregation member and parish secretary, plans to start boxing up the items to donate and /or save for a future yard sale. 

• Once the basement is cleared and the wall repaired, Dennis will reach out to Stephanie Wilson, real estate agent to search for a renter. 


Luke suggested reaching out to church members who have not been in attendance over the past year. The Vestry will plan to send out cards before the beginning of Advent to invite individuals back as the new church year begins. 

Charlene shared updates regarding the Christmas Bazaar which will be held on December 2nd, 2023.  After input from several congregation members, the craft table cost will be $20. Charlene reached out to area churches (St Luke’s, First Presbyterian, Wall Street United Methodist, St Augustine, and St Paul’s New Albany) to see if they had any holiday event planned around that time or if they had crafters/ artists that would want to rent a booth. 

Charlene shared that Lisa Fisher, congregation member will be leading all who are interested in a “Sip and Paint” event on November 4th from 7 PM to 9 PM. More details to follow. 

Ben continues to search for supply priests to fill openings in the service schedule. Rev Mary Taflinger will be present on October 15th.  The Vestry discussed having a pitch in after the service and all agreed.  Ben will also talk to congregation members to lead Morning Prayer. 

• October 1st: Ben Sapp

• October 8th: open

• October 15th: Mary Taflinger

• October 22nd: Charlene and Dennis

• October 29th: Luke

Charlene shared that she had reached out to Robyn Wigginton regarding making updates to the overall website. Robyn would like to continue the general website updates but she does not want to continue updating the Facebook page. Charlene will reach out to Kate Stifler to see if she will do ongoing updates to Facebook. 


• The Indianapolis Diocese convention is November 10th and 11th . Larry and Arlene Basham may be able to attend.  Ben is willing to be a back up as well as Luke. 

• The Riverbend Neighborhood Meeting has been moved to September 26th in Lawrenceburg, IN.  Charlene, Dennis and Ben plan to attend. The meeting will begin with Evensong and there will be a meet and greet with Bishop Jennifer after the service. 

• The next meeting will be after church service on October 15th , 2023  

• There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at  12:35 PM

• Respectfully submitted,

• Charlene McAndrews , Vestry Member 




That's it for this week!  Have a great week. Hope to see you on Sunday!



The Gabriel Staff