28 August 2023

St. Paul’s This Week

August 28, 2023




Aug. 28​ 6:00 pm NA meeting

Sept. 2      10:00 am AA meeting

Sept. 3     10:15 am Morning Prayer: Ben Sapp

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Ushers:  Debbie Tucker and Rob Dziatkowski

Lectors:  Arlene Basham and Charlene McAndrews

Intercessor:  Benn Sapp

Counters:  Debbie Tucker and Rob Dziatkowski






St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Jeffersonville, IN 47130 


August 27, 2023  

The meeting of the Vestry was called to order at 12:10 PM by Ben Sapp, Senior Warden. Other members of the Vestry present were Charlene McAndrews, Dennis McAndrews , Larry Basham, Luke Stifler and Sam Stifler.  

Luke led the Vestry in prayer to start the meeting. 

Ben shared the financial reports. A copy of the reports will be provided to the congregation.  Debt is currently at - $19, 216.91.  There was discussion regarding how to generate income. 

The group discussed the recent yard sale. The net profit was $ 375 .  It was decided to leave the unsold items in the basement and have another yard sale in the fall. 

Charlene shared ideas that were generated via church members present at the yard sale. These include: 

• A craft fair on December 2nd

• Church gathering events: card night, movie night, theme dinners, cooking demo evening, painting evening

• An open house to show off  our event space 

• Creating welcome baskets for new folks in the neighborhood. 

Larry asked if the craft fair could be changed to an art and craft fair. All present agreed. Booth space (full table) would be rented out for $50 and ½ table for $25.  We would limit this first year to 10 tables. There was discussion about collaborating with other churches and with St Paul’s New Albany. Charlene will reach out to area churches and start the process of funding vendors for the vent. 

Dennis and Luke shared that we need to plan another work day to finish the windows and possibly finish the wall in the basement office. September 24th was chosen for the work day.  Church members would be encouraged to wear “Your Sunday grub clothes for work day”. Pizza and salad will be provided.  Work will start after service and conclude by 2 PM. 

Larry shared that he is part of a photography exhibition opening in September. The photo that he took of the stained-glass window in the front of the church will be on one of the posters for the exhibition.  The Vestry plans to purchase one of the photos to hang in the parish hall. Larry plans to take a picture of the window from the outside of the church to add to the collection. 

Dennis and Luke discussed possibly removing 2-3 pews from the front of the church to make space for chairs and/ or wheelchairs.  There was also discussion about getting cushions for use in the current pews for member comfort. 

Luke suggested a possible collaboration with Boy Scouts to have a version of a fish fry during Lent since many people still ask about our past fish fry event. Discussion will continue on this idea in the future. 

Luke shared information from Kate regarding how often folks are viewing our Sunday service on Facebook. It was noted that no one is watching for more than 20 secondsand no one is watching all the way through. The sound on the video is distorted and updates would be needed for our current audio system.  Kate researched other churches and how they are handling live streaming. Most churches have modified their livestreaming since COVID has decreased.  Luke made a motion that we stop live streaming for now and look at testing new systems and investigate other ways to promote our service: promotional videos, podcasts, etc.. Charlene seconded the motion and all Vestry members were in favor. 

The Vestry discussed creating and outreach and education committee to consider ways to connect with the community. The Vestry will ask for volunteers at upcoming services.  There was discussion about asking Jim Stanton to attend the next Vestry meeting to ask questions about using music during worship with morning prayer. 

The Indianapolis Diocese convention is November 10thand 11th . Larry and Arlene Basham may be able to attend. 

The Riverbend Neighborhood Meeting is October 19th in Lawrenceburg, IN.  Vestry members will look at calendars to see who can attend. The meeting will begin with Evensong. Ben also shared that Christ Episcopal in Madison does Evenson every Wednesday. Vestry will also look at calendars and drive up for one of these events. 

The next meeting will be after church service on September 17th  2023  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at  1:45 PM 

Respectfully submitted,

Charlene McAndrews , Vestry Member 





A reminder of Larry’s Exibit



Larry Basham art exhibit opens next month



As a part of the Louisville Photo Biennial, the Jeffersonville location of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library will celebrate the art of the gifted photographer Larry Basham from Sept. 8 to Nov. 12. Basham’s exhibit “Momenti” will be the second Biennial show at the library.


The Louisville Photo Biennial began in 1999 with four East Market Street galleries and now encompasses many venues throughout Metro Louisville, Southern Indiana, and central Kentucky.


Basham graduated from Indiana University Southeast and worked as a newscaster at WLKY-32 and a broadcast and print journalist for the U.S. Navy. According to Basham, great photographic images should inspire us to relive, reimagine, and rethink how we see the world. As a photographer, he enjoys taking documentary-style photographs showing a true glimpse of the perceived reality at any particular moment. Momenti comprises digital neo-documentary style artistic photographs without A.I. and with minimal or no artificial processing and image manipulation.


An artist reception will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the library’s second-floor art gallery with light refreshments. It is a chance to meet Basham as he welcomes this opportunity to discuss what his photography means to him. Perhaps this exhibit will inspire a budding photographer or two who may one day follow in Basham’s footsteps.


For more information on this special event, visit jefflibrary.org, Events Calendar, or call 812-285-8609. The Jeffersonville Library is located at 211 E. Court Ave., Jeffersonville, and the Clarksville Library is located at 1312 Eastern Blvd., Clarksville.


Congratulations Larry!





The yard was successful and great fun! Thank you again to everyone! 

It was a group effort!! Another one is scheduled for the fall.





That's it for this week!  Have a great week. Hope to see you on Sunday!



The Gabriel Staff